Garden Curbing Compound Wall

Garden Curbing Compound Wall

We are the largest Garden Curbing Compound Wall manufacturer in India. Precast Garden Curbing is the best solution because it is very easy to install and take very less time to install for product specifications, Please visit the page

Approximate Price: 110 / Square Feet including installation and Transportation (Price may differ in various location)


  • High Quality
  • High Strength
  • Save Time with easy and fast installation (90% less time compare to Brick and other traditional walls)
  • Save Money compare to a brick wall (40-60% less cost compared to a brick wall)
  • Movable
  • Well Finish

The very Best part of Industrial Compound Wall, you can reuse the panels if you constructed your foldable wall and then decide to change the location of your wall

for more details please contact us

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