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We OM Precast, are associated with manufacturing and installing a large scale of Precast Walls like Precast Compound Wall, Cement Boundary Wall, RCC Compound Wall, Security Compound Walls, Precast Concrete Panels and columns, Garden Curbing, Ready-made boundary walls.

Traditional walls (Brick & Stone walls) have been long-identified in India, are extremely time to take to install and very costly. Our Precast Boundary Wall bridle these impediments of common brick walls. Our Precast Compound walls are very speedy and easy to fix and have a very long life. These walls are low maintenance and do not deteriorate with time, it takes 45-65% less money compared to brick wall and other traditional walls, as well as it takes 80-90% less time compared to brick walls

Most benefit of this product is, it can be reusable. if you want to relocate your wall to another place
It saves your time, Money and the most benefit of this product is you can reuse the panels if you want to relocate your wall.

We believe in building trust not only products.

Product Features:

  • High Quality
  • High Strength
  • Save Time with fast installation
  • Save Money compare to brick wall
  • Movable
  • Well Finish

Panel / Plank: 3mm PPC steel (High-tensile) per set, with stressing system (4-pieces in each panel)
height: 1 feet
length: 7 feet
Thickness: 2 inch.

Column / Beams: 3 mm PCC Steel (High-tensile) with Stressing System (7- pieces in each column) length is totally depends on requirement of client. 6*6 inch and 7*7 inch also available

Precast Compound Wall column
Precast Boundary wall panel
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