RCC Precast Prestressed Compound Wall

RCC Precast Prestressed Compound Wall

Approx Price of RCC Precast Prestressed Compound Wall: Rs 85 / Square Feet

Product Details:
Panel Height1 Feet (300mm)
Panel Width2 Inches (50mm)
Columns6X6 Inches


7X7 Inches also available

Panel length7 Feet (2100mm)


  • High strength
  • Fast Installation – Approximate 90-95% less time compare to Brick walls and stone walls construction
  • Reusable – if you want to relocate your wall !
  • Long life
  • User friendly
  • Crack resistance
  • Fine finish



We use 4 pieces of 3mm PPC steel per set, with stressing system.
height: 1 feet
length: 7 feet
Thickness: 2 inch.


7 Pieces of 3mm PCC Steel with Stressing System.

length is depends on requirement.

6*6 inch