Security Compound Wall

RCC Precast Prestressed Compound Wall
Approximate Rate: INR 104 per Square Feet, Rate may fluctuate for different locations.
Generally our rates includes Transportation, Loading, Unloading, Installation and Other labor charges
We are offering a high range of Security Compound Wall,
Many companies, Industries and Warehouse prefer Security Compound Wall Or Precast Boundary Wall as it is very fast to install, Easy to expand or relocate and low cost with High Strength.
In recent times, The highway ministry started to secure both sides of Expressway with Precast Walls. Generally most of Solar Plant Boundary cover with Precast
Product Details:
Height (Panel)1 Feet (300mm)
Panel Width2 Inches (50mm)


7 Feet (2100mm)
Columns/ Beams6X6 Inches

7X7 Inches




  • High Quality
  • High Strength
  • Save Time with fast installation
  • Save Money compare to brick wall
  • Movable
  • Well Finish

Specifications of Security Compound Wall

Panel / Plank: 

3mm PPC steel- High-tensile per set, with stressing system (4-pieces in each panel)
height: 1 feet
length: 7 feet
Thickness: 2 inch.

Column / Beams: 

3mm PCC Steel-High-tensile with Stressing System (7- pieces in each column)

length is totally depends on requirement of client.

Available Height: 5 to 12 Feet

6*6 inch

7*7 inch also available

for more details contact us.

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